Interesting Facts about Joanna's Background, Electric Instrument & Technical Set-Up


Joanna is a classically trained violinist who has performed with many ensembles and orchestras in the U.K and abroad, including the English Symphony Orchestra and Welsh Chamber Orchestra. Joanna also leads the Wigornia String Quartet.

Joanna has always had a love for, and affinity with, Jazz and Popular Music. This prompted her to develop performing this genre of music on Electric Violin with backing tracks more fully.

Joanna plays a huge variety of music on her electric violin, from Bach to Blur and everything in between! Whatever your taste in music, Joanna and her electric violin, are sure to be able to fulfill all your musical requirements.

Every event is unique and Joanna aims to works closely with each client to ensure that all their musical wishes and expectations are realised.


Joanna plays on a five string 'spirit blue' Violectra Electric Violin. These electric violins are handmade in Birmingham by the renowned maker David Bruce Johnson, who has made the same electric violin for amongst others,  Nigel Kennedy and Escala.

These electric violins use state of the art pick up technology, allowing the tone of the instrument to be of unparalleled quality. This particular electric violin also has five strings, which gives Joanna the extended range of both the violin and viola!

In addition, Joanna uses amplification by AER, currently the best provider  on the market. This delivers sound quality that  is of the highest standard available anywhere. 

The amplification by AER also allows Joanna to perform in very intimate setting, as well as having the capability to provide enough volume to fill a hall full of people.

The' amp' is also battery powered - lasting up to 4 hours - so there is for instance no need for electricity in small rural churches, gardens or other outdoor venues. This also has the advantage that when moving between rooms or different locations, a minimum of fuss and disruption is involved.

Backing Tracks

Joanna  uses only the highest quality custom made backing tracks,however, she can also write, record, and produce her own backing tracks using a midi keyboard, Apple Mac and the music software programme Logic (the same software that is used for many commercial film sound tracks and pop albums).

This means that Joanna has overall musical and technical control over all the elements of her performance especiallythe backing tracks, which can be specially created to compliment the character and atmosphere of any engagement.

If a song you require for your wedding or event is not on the repertoire list, it is very easy for Joanna to compile and develop this song and its backing track especially for you.